German Sweet Potato Salad – Autoimmune Protocol Friendly

It seems like every time I try another way to tackle my health, I have to relearn things about cooking.  Granted, cooking under the autoimmune protocol is not a lot different from paleo, but finding spices and condiments that work are far and few between.  Now, according to everything I’ve read, on the AIP, you should avoid any seeds and nuts, and that includes any spices that come from seeds.  Really?  ugh!  That eliminates more than half of my spice cabinet.  Hallelujah for turmeric, though!  I love curry, but that has seed spices in the mix, so that’s out.  Turmeric is a great flavor cousin, though (yes, I know that turmeric is in curry powder) and it’s completely acceptable for the AIP.  AND, it’s great for inflammation (yet another ‘you had me at hello’ moment).  The only problem with it is that everything I have is turning yellow, from my counter tops to my fingernails.  I love it, though.  Anyway, being grilling season and all, I’ve been looking for great grilling ideas.  This memorial day, we were grilling ribs, and really:  what’s a good grilled rib without barbecue sauce and spice rub?  Alas, no barbecue sauce or spice rub on the AIP.  So, I reduced some balsamic (a really good one, which is hard to find) until it was syrupy and then I brushed it on the ribs with some salt.  I really enjoyed the flavor.  It gave a nice caramelization to the ribs that make ribs ribs.  I tried some on the chicken and it was kind of so-so.  The balsamic taste didn’t come through.  So, my daughter and I wanted some sort of salad to stray from our regular routine of steamed veggies, so I thought I’d take a crack at a German potato salad.  After all, how can you go wrong with sweet potatoes AND bacon?  The trick was to recreate that vinegary and mustardy taste that makes German potato salad so lovely.  The mixture of the vinegar with the maple syrup and turmeric really did the trick.  It gave it that earthy mustardy taste.

Now a disclaimer:  some won’t touch any sort of sweetener at all on the AIP, but I did read that 1 teaspoon a day of honey or maple syrup were acceptable on the AIP, so I threw some in to cut the vinegar bite a bit.  If you have completely eliminated any sweetener, you can take it out, but I wouldn’t suggest it if you can tolerate sweeteners.  I don’t eat sweeteners, so adding a bit to an entire dish isn’t going to throw me off (I don’t think), plus the fiber in the sweet potatoes off-sets the carbs in the syrup and your body will metabolize it better.

My daughter said she could eat a whole bunch of this, and she did.  It could probably easily feed 4-5 people, unless you’re really hungry.  We got about 3 servings out of it.  So, here’s the recipe:

German Sweet Potato Salad


4 Sweet potatoes, chopped and cooked in salted water and drained

1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

6 Slices Uncured Bacon, chopped

1 Large Sweet Onion, chopped

¼ Cup Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Tsp. Maple Syrup

2 Tsp. Turmeric

Sea Salt, to taste



In a large heated skillet, over medium high heat, cook the bacon in coconut oil until browned and crispy.  Add the onion and cook until translucent, about 5 minutes.  When onion is cooked, add in the remaining ingredients and stir to remove any bits from the bottom of the pan.  Mix together the cooked sweet potatoes and the bacon mixture in a mixing bowl, gently, so as not to smush the potatoes too much.  Serve warm.


Hope you enjoy it.  Blessings!







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