Homemade Mayonnaise

I don’t often eat mayo, mainly because I just don’t eat sandwiches any more.  Occasionally, I’ll use it for making dairy free ranch dressing.  I can’t believe that it took this long, but I decided to try to make my own dressing.  First of all, I was amazed over the stuff that is in even ‘organic’ mayo.  Soybean oil?  Uh, no thanks.  Plus, pay $5.00 for a pint of the ‘organic’ stuff?  Uh, no thanks again.  Of course, me being the cheapskate health nut that I am, I decided to give it a whir in making my own.  The last couple of days our cat has been sick and we’ve been feeding him tuna juice so he’ll eat something.  Of course, that leaves us with lots of tuna in the fridge.  So, for today I had a salad with tuna salad on top.  I haven’t had one of those in ages, but I used to eat them a lot.  So, I used the mayo I made and some tuna with a little sea salt and garlic and put it on top of a salad with carrots and red onion.  It was tasty.  I forgot how much I like tuna.  It’s a simple recipe: just throw everything in the blender (I used my blender because my food processor has a wide bowl and I thought it would thicken up better in the blender).  It’s so creamy and thick and really quite nice and it tasted good with the tuna.  Even my kids like it.  Here’s the recipe:

Paleo Mayo



1 Large Egg

2 Egg Yolks

2 Tsp. Lemon Juice

1 Tsp. Dry Mustard

¼ Tsp. Sea Salt

½ Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil*

½ Cup Organic Sunflower Oil (you can use all sunflower oil for a lighter taste)



In a blender, mix together the egg and yolks, lemon juice, mustard, and salt.  Mix for about 1 minute until the eggs are a light yellow.  Slowly drizzle in the oils until well incorporated into the mix and thickened.  Keep refrigerated in a sealed container.

*You can use all sunflower oil if you want.  I like the taste of EVOO, but some may think it a little strong.


Hope you enjoy this!  Blessings.


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3 Responses to Homemade Mayonnaise

  1. Sunny says:

    Hey there! I’m a mayo queen so I love this idea. A few questions:

    1) You say 1 Large Egg and 2 Egg Yolks. So, are you separating the egg yolks for 2 eggs, and using full egg as well? So it’s essentially 3 eggs, minus 2 whites? Hahah. Just making sure!

    2) Love olive oil, totally on board with that. Can you make it w/o sunflower oil, or no? The only reason I ask is because I don’t use it often and I’d hate to buy it just to make this…HOWEVER, depending on how long it keeps/how long the mayo keeps, I could make a ton of it and stock up :).



    • Heather says:

      1) yes: 3 eggs total – 2 without the whites plus one whole
      2) I cut in with the sunflower oil because the olive oil I have right now is very strong tasting. If I had a milder olive oil, I would have used all olive oil. I don’t know how long it will keep in the fridge. I would say not to keep it over a week because it doesn’t have any preservatives in it. It didn’t last too long in our house, especially once the kids learned that they liked it.
      Hope you like it!

      • Sunny says:

        Thanks for clarifying! I need to find a good gluten free bread recipe (er, I need a bread cooker first – Christmas list!) to eat sandwiches with first. This is bookmarked for when it’s time!

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