Spiral Slicer Love

I’m not a huge kitchen gadget sort of person.  I love a good, sharp knife and that’s about it.  Oh, yeah, and my cast iron skillet.  I’m pretty low-tech when it comes to the kitchen.  I keep seeing spiral slicers all over the place now and I was intrigued at making veggie noodles.  I love making Italian food.  I went to college in Philly and lived in South Philly with all of the good little Italian babushkas.  Okay, so going paleo does not really lend itself to a good Italian meal.  The meatballs are drier (something I’m still working on).  Of course, there’s no pasta involved.  I wanted to give the whole spiral slicer a whirl (not meant as a pun).  I went cheap, because that’s how I roll.  I found a good, basic one on e-bay for $29, including shipping, and it came with 3 different style blades.  I’m still low tech, but a soiral slicer is a little techier than my knife and skillet.

The first thing I tried was not an Italian meal at all, but spiral sliced sweet potatoes.  I spiral sliced two sweet potatoes, tossed them with some (okay, all of you health freaks out

Spiral Sweet Potatoes 2 there, close your ears:) bacon grease, and a sprinkling of pink sea salt.  Baked them in a preheated 425⁰ oven for 20 minutes.  These were amazing.  I served them with fried eggs on top and some homemade lamb sausage.

Okay, so that turned me into a fiend for spiral fries.  Next, I tried zucchini.  Here’s where I made my Italian meal.  Between my daughter and I, we can eat a lot of veggies, so I spiraled 3 medium zucchini (which cooked down a bit, so I probably could have done 4 or 5 if I wanted left overs), tossed them with some olive oil, pink sea salt, and granulated garlic.  This time I cooked them a little longer (about 25 minutes) so I could get some a little crispy.  Leah said that she actually likes these better than pasta.Zucchini Noodles

Now it’s onto my next project:  making moist meatballs.



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