On the Yellow Brick Road – An Introduction to My Paleo Plan

This isn’t the start of my pathway to good health, but I’m optimistic that this is the start of finding the Wizard of good health.  The path started twelve years ago when my second child was born.  I started having a lot of pain, like I couldn’t walk down the stairs in the morning kind of pain.  Doctors couldn’t offer any help except to give me prescriptions for pain meds, which I didn’t want to be on.  That was when I thought there just MUST be something that I could do in my diet that would help the problem.

I started to gain lots of weight and wasn’t able to lose it, no matter what diet I was on or how much I exercised.  I cut dairy out of my diet for a bit, just to see if it would help.  It didn’t seem to do the trick and I tried many herbal type remedies for the pain.  Last year I went gluten free as a last ditch effort.  It actually helped for a while, and I had high hopes that this was the key.  But, I still had some of the pain issues and I still seemed to catch any sickness that was within two miles of my home.  AND I still wasn’t losing weight.  AND when I would exercise, it seemed that it would take forever to recover.  But, at least my digestive issues were gone.  Then there were the things that I didn’t correlate to the other problems:  I had developed some life threatening allergies to certain medications.  When I got a cut, if I wasn’t diligent in keeping antibiotic cream on it, it would get seriously infected.  Then I developed an allergy to Neosporin.  hmmm….  Weird stuff was going on with my body.

Then the pain came back full force this spring:  pain, fatigue, getting sick easily.  The only problems that didn’t return were the digestive issues.  I started to hear about ‘leaky gut’ syndrome and that lead me to voluminous reading about adrenal fatigue.  All of the symptoms fit.  It basically comes down to my body is attacking things that permeate through my intestinal wall, which creates the pain issues and immunity issues.  Here’s the problem I face in the area where I live:  to find a holistic practitioner I would have to travel about 2 hours.  Oh, yeah, and then there’s the finances to pay for it…. So, here’s my disclaimer:  I’m not a doctor of any sort and I’ve never even been tested for adrenal insufficiency because I’ve only had doctors who thought I was crazy.  This is all just a personal experiment for me.


So, here’s what I’ve learned about diet and autoimmune problems:  it’s best to cut out gluten, dairy, sugars, legumes, and nightshades.  Seriously, that’s pretty radical.  But, in everything I read, it all makes sense.  So, here I am on this very strict paleo regimen.  It’s going to be a challenge for me.  I finally got used to gluten free / dairy free pizza on our Friday night pizza nights, but now I have to do without the crust and the sauce????  Okay, I’ll be crossing that bridge when I come to it.  For now, I’m settling in to the routine.  I’m a pretty good cook and I’m fairly good at making up recipes so once I get a feel for what I can and can’t eat, I think I’ll be doing okay.

This blog is to document the challenges, and hopefully, the successes of living the Paleo lifestyle.  So, we’re off to see the Wizard…..


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